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You might be wonder who we are? I am Tim Board and starting in June of 2019, I have been the host and producer of Eye On Jamz.  Since then the show has grown tremendously and is now syndicated around the world.  Eye On Jamz features music and interviews with the hottest indie artist you have not heard.  Eye On Jamz is not guided by corporate consultants nor has to answer to stockholders, thus we play music the conglomerate radio stations usually won’t touch.  Eye On Jamz’s playlist features a variety of genres as we want to expose the listener to a wider variety of artists and music.  Take a listen to past shows and hear for yourself. 

Past Shows

ION Indie Magazine


Eye On Jamz is a proud member of the ION Indie Magazine family

ION Indie Magazine is the premier publication for articles and photos of the hottest indie musicians on the road today.  Started in 2014, this bi-monthly publication, that is fueled by volunteers, is a must read for anyone following the indie music scene.

I am also a writer for the magazine and have contributed several stores since the May/June 2020 issue.  I landed the cover story of the May/June 2021 issue with my feature on The SoapGirls.



ION Indie Magazine